About me

Oh wow, so where do you start with something like this, I’m guessing not a version of War & Peace, maybe a cut down version perhaps?

I’m a full time working mum and have a gorgeous 3 year old son. He never ceases to amaze me with the little gems that come out from his mouth. Yet on the other hand, we also have those moments where I’m pulling my hair out and want to put myself on “time out” just for some me time! My life generally feels like I’m spinning plates, trying not to let anything drop, which of course they do on  a regular basis!

I live the  dream commuting into our lovely capital city on a daily basis. I try to occasionally mix it up by actually acknowledging my fellow commuters. For any other commuters out there, you will know it’s a tough egg to crack!

I guess the other vital point to mention at this point is that I’m doing the whole parenting thing single handedly and have been since my son was 5 months old. His father is completely absent so it really is just the two of us.

In any nano second of free time I manage to get, mainly the evenings, you’ll generally find me with a nice glass of red in hand, while I’m watching various American TV shows or messing around on social media sites!

I thought by doing this blog, I could maybe show, that doing this parenting thing single handedly isn’t so bad after all. I’ll be blogging about the good days, bad days and the damn right headless chicken days.

Looking forward to hearing from some of you.

Mum-Work-Repeat xx