An ode to the Daytime Nap

An Ode To The Daytime Nap

This post goes out to all of you Mummy’s, Daddy’s, Nana’s, Grandad’s, Step Mum’s, Step Dad’s, Childminders and Nursery Workers…in fact anyone with responsibility for looking after little one’s.

For those of you with children that still have a daytime nap, believe me you are blessed, but be warned, it doesn’t last.  For those of you that they don’t, you might just relate to this!

There once was a time in the day
That mummy’s got to stop and say
Oh, how we love the daytime nap
That snippet of time, that lovely gap

Now what should we do with this hour?
Clean, tidy or hey maybe take a shower
It won’t be long before they rise
Oh God, how quickly the time flies

When they were tiny naps got in the way
Leaving the house used to take all day
If they weren’t asleep, taking their nap
You would guarantee an explosion of crap

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Wicked Wednesdays #7

I used to agree with the phrase “Silence is golden” before I had my son. Now silence only means one thing… trouble, as I quite recently found out!

I’d got my bestie over for the weekend and we had loads to catch up on because we haven’t seen each other for ages. We were trying to cram the last 3 months events into that rare moment when the little guy was playing happily. Ah damn, that moment soon passed, he decided I’d had enough attention and it was his turn. He wanted my friend to go upstairs and play with his toys . I kept telling him to come downstairs and we’d play there. Nope that wasn’t cutting it.

Anyway, after a few attempts all went quiet and I thought bless him, he’s decided to carry on playing regardless. *Mistake number 1!

Hmmm, wait, slight alarm bells, isn’t it a little bit too quiet? Nah I’m being paranoid “natter, natter” *Mistake number 2!

5 mins later – No, definitely too quiet, I’ll just go and check…

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Club Hub UK – How did Tessa do it?

I’ve always admired people that have an idea and follow it through to turn their dream into reality. What is it about them that is different to some that fail to reach that end goal? I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve tried to come up with the “flugelbinder” idea, similarly pondered in Cocktail – yeah a flashback to the 80’s I know!


I recently came across Club Hub UK, an app that’s currently in development by someone who followed her dream and is turning it into a reality. This app I’m sure will be the answer to all of our prayers, when we’re wondering what is out there to keep our little ones entertained. It’s designed to be a quick and easy way to find local kids activities in your area. Another one of those moments when you think…Why didn’t I think of that?!

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Exercise, what’s that?

Once upon a time there was a woman who on good days could get her arse out of bed and go for a run first thing in the morning at the weekend. She’d also head out during her lunch hour to clock up a few k and partake in the odd PT session and loved nothing more than getting down and dirty in a British Military Fitness class at weekends too.

Now I introduce you to the same woman post son. She struggles to get out of bed in the morning and thinks it’s an effort  just to walk downstairs to get a cup of tea, to walk back up the stairs and collapse back into bed. In her lunch hour she is generally working through because she has to be out of the door at 5.15pm sharp to get the train back before the nursery doors shut. The only getting down and dirty she does, is when her son decides he can’t walk any further and needs a shoulder lift, cue muddy boots/shoes all down her coat.

Her new workout sounds something more like this; she’ s developed skills in martial arts to get her son dressed, rugby tackled him into the puschair and quick marched it down to nursery. She’s then worked her arm muscles with the “5 lift cuddle” (goodbye routine, entailing being lifted up 5 times for 5 cuddles), before legging it out of the door, to try and catch the 7.38 train, which she inevitably misses and catches the 7.50 instead. It’s at this stage the onlooking passengers wonder what has possibly brought her out in a sweat when its only about 2 degree’s outside?! I welcome you to the exercise of a single mum and in fact most working parents out there who are doing the morning routine.

So, how do you find the time/energy/motivation to do any conventional exercise as a parent? I normally find I’m missing at least one of the 3 factors at any given time. If I suddenly find I have the time then you can bet I won’t have the energy because Munchkin will have decided it was time for an all night party. Or he’d have been zonked out for the night and I have the energy but alas then, no time. Occasionally the gods align, generally on my working from home day and I try to get out for a lunchtime run. There comes the next hurdle…running post childbirth is not so straight forward for some of us, oh yes, that beloved pelvic floor muscle or lack of it! Run, clench, run, clench, run, oops!!! Please Dear Lord give us the strength, the pelvic floor strength!


Ok, what about just doing a workout at home in the evening I hear you say? Hmmmm, I too have thought that same thing. There’s an app for everything and believe me, I have most workout apps on my phone, my problem is finding the motivation and energy to open them and do them….getting home just before 7pm after doing the reverse of aforementioned morning routine, putting Munchkin to bed, then cooking my dinner, it’s gone 8 and I’m completely pooped!

So then, that all familiar phrase pops into my head…I’ll start it tomorrow…..!

Mum-Work-Repeat xx


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I’m generally a big advocate of playdates, a great way to catch up with friends and fun for the kids to get together. However sometimes, they don’t quite go to plan…. as illustrated so brilliantly by The Adventures of Beta Mummy.

Here’s one of my examples, when the playdate didn’t quite go to plan…

Munchkin and I have been away quite a lot recently, so when I had a playdate arranged with one of my mummy friends and subsequently had messages from a couple of others saying “when are we going to get to see you?”. I thought why not combine them all and let’s all go to the zoo for the afternoon.

So, it was supposed to be four families, this turned out to be three by the time it came to the day of going.  Then a text  from Family 3 (F3) to say they were running late and would find us there. So that then left two of us getting there at the same time, hmmm, wasn’t that the original plan? Looks like my plan to combine them wasn’t quite, well, going to plan!

We’d decided the zoo cafe can be a bit of a war zone, so we’d opt to take pack up’s and have a picnic – this was mistake number one! Now this is a local zoo, that we all go to quite a lot. So we should know by now that it blows a friggin gale up there at the best of times. Were we dressed for it? The kids were, were we? Of course not, all had seemed quite sunny and bright where we were before. Not to be defeated, there we sat, huddled around our lunch boxes, trying to pin them down as they made a run for it each time the wind blew. Sitting down for food was also the cue for my friends newborn to decide it was time to make his presence known. resulting in us all taking it in turns walking around the table trying to make him go back to sleep. You can picture the scene I’m sure.

Giving up on the picnic and needing to get the circulation going in our chilled bodies, it was time to go and find some animals. The elephants seemed to be the animal of choice. Should be about a 5 min walk to the elephants but alas here comes mistake number two…I took Munchkins scooter. So straight away we then have to multiply that 5 min walk by 5, as we endure the –  getting on/off, “you pull me mummy”, “I don’t want to ride my scooter” routine. To which mummy replies, “ok I’ll give it to another little boy or girl then”, at this point he gets back on and the routine starts again.*groan*. Just as we start to make progress one of the kids pipes up with “mummy, I need a wee wee”. Ok, time to make a diversion to the toilets and scooter routine starts again!


Right, toilet trip done and now to find the elephants….oh no wait, it’s now time for said newborn to have his milk. However at this point we are all quite happy for the excuse to go inside, so the cafe it is for a coffee to defrost our hands. Worth noting at this point we still haven’t heard from F3.

Ok, feed over, we’ve now decided time is starting to run out and let’s just get on the little train and at least say we’ve seen some animals, given we’d pass quite a few on the train. Oh wait a text…F3, are struggling to leave the house as disputes going on with their toddler, but will hopefully see us there soon. I text back to say, is it now worth it, as by the time they get to us, it won’t be long before we’ll be leaving! Anyway, back to our train…The teeny one decided he wasn’t happy on the train post feed and showed us the power of his lungs.  In true baby fashion he fell asleep just before we had to get off! Just as I thought meeting up with F3 wasn’t going to happen, who do we see by the train track, yep you got it! Turns out they had been at the zoo for over an hour, there was a delay in me getting their text and because mobile coverage is poor, they couldn’t get through to us and were just about to give up and go home!

Right, now we’re all together, lets go and find the elephants, no wait, stop, the bird show is about to start, lets go and watch that instead. All sat down, freezing our asses off on the cold concrete step. I ended up with two of them sat on my knee, so wasn’t sure if it was the cold or weight that gave me a numb bum! At this point I was really over the idea of this playdate, as were the others but there we sat, huddled over, watching the lovely birds battle the wind, getting colder and colder.

Bird show ends and sod this, we’ve all had enough, lets just go home! Oh if only it was that easy, aforementioned scooter routine starts off again. By the time we get to the car park, it took all of my will power not to launch it across into the nearest field! Count to 10 mummy, count to 10!

Play dates can be the best, but sometimes the worst!

I now have a G & T in hand, the fire lit, Munchkin fast asleep upstairs and the world is feeling a better place!

Mum-Work-Repeat x


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