Club Hub UK – How did Tessa do it?

I’ve always admired people that have an idea and follow it through to turn their dream into reality. What is it about them that is different to some that fail to reach that end goal? I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve tried to come up with the “flugelbinder” idea, similarly pondered in Cocktail – yeah a flashback to the 80’s I know!


I recently came across Club Hub UK, an app that’s currently in development by someone who followed her dream and is turning it into a reality. This app I’m sure will be the answer to all of our prayers, when we’re wondering what is out there to keep our little ones entertained. It’s designed to be a quick and easy way to find local kids activities in your area. Another one of those moments when you think…Why didn’t I think of that?!

Club Hub UK


For those of you that haven’t heard her story, here’s a brief overview, however you can read the full story by clicking here

Tessa’s ‘Club Hub’ journey began back in September 2014, when she had more time than she wanted on her hands. After having not as much acting work as she had hoped for she decided to create ‘Tessa’s Jazz Hands’; Tessa started teaching children every Wednesday after school, everything she could in terms of acting, singing and dancing. At the time she only had a few children coming each week which sparked her idea which has now become Club Hub. Tessa thought that there should be a way that she could promote her after school club to all the local parents. She then thought about creating an app where people could locate all the children’s clubs in their area – a simple app where parents could input their child’s age and interests, and the search results would list local clubs and their details. This was just a pipe dream though as financially it wasn’t viable, eventually she came across Ideas Britain and the rest as they say is history!

When I looked at Tessa’s journey, I was intrigued to know a bit more about why she thought she succeeded and thought some of you may be interested to find out too, so I sent over a few questions…..

So Tessa, spill the beans, how did you do it?

I was very lucky in the end as a social enterprise company offered to make my idea become a reality for a very cheap price. They are creating the website and app for me and I can’t wait for you all to see it!

Did the idea pop into your head in a lightbulb moment and you thought there and then yes, I’m going to do this or was it a slow burner, that you kept thinking, hmmm could I?

Yes, well kind of. When I began my children’s club I thought of the initial idea of an app where you could publicise your activity to the local community. Over the past two years I’ve kept a notebook, every time I had a thought of what could be added to it, I wrote it down. So it’s been a slow burner in that sense.

 Once you had your idea and dream, what do you think was the main motivator that made you follow that through rather than leaving it as a dream?

I think I wanted to teach more children in my children’s club as I was getting such amazing feedback from all the parents. That was my motivator, the fact that with my idea, the app could be an easy way of promoting my club to get children away from their various gaming devices, out of the house and make new friends, gain confidence and get some exercise. I remember as a child always being outside and doing various activities.

How much research did you do before you found Ideas Britain?

None at all. I came across Ideas Britain from a post on Facebook from a friend and thought I might as well give my idea a go.

 Was this the only way you were progressing it or did you have other things in the pipeline too?

Yes I suppose it was the only way I was progressing it. I was also doing a lot of work for it myself, creating social media accounts, meeting with different business people, creating the website. The people at Ideas Britain were always there if I had any questions to ask.

 What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome and how did you tackle it?

Publicity as the app is only going to work if people know about it. I overcame this by doing endless social media networking and e-mails. I now have over 1,000 children’s clubs and activities that want to be involved including big franchise clubs such as “Rugby Tots” and “diddi dance”. I am also in touch with lots of bloggers like yourselves who think the app is really going to help them and offer to blog about “Club Hub UK” for me.

What one piece of advice would you give to anyone trying to turn their dream idea into reality?

 Don’t give up. Otherwise you will always think what could have happened if my idea had become a reality?

When can we get our hands on this great app?

Early July. At the moment it’s a yo yo scheme of saying what is good and what needs to be changed with the app developers. So it could be a week after or even a week before the date they have given me.


Thanks to Tessa for sharing this with us and now to get back to thinking of what could be my “flugelbinder” moment!

If anyone wants to get in touch with Tessa, please find her contact details below;



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Mum-Work-Repeat x

P.S I haven’t been paid to advertise this app, I’m just supporting it because I think it sounds great and a must have for all us parents out there!



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