The single parent holiday conundrum


Everyone loves a holiday, you can’t beat that feeling of escaping the every day norm. Wearing clothes you’d never dream of wearing in your home town – or is that just me?!! Sun on your face and sand between your toes. I’ve always loved my holidays and every chance I’d have to get away, you’d find me on a plane.

Now I realise I took for granted that I always had someone to travel with, be it with the girls, a partner when in a relationship or a fellow single friend when single. I was fortunate enough to have a  good job, that I could also always afford to go and take anyone up on the offers of it being “holiday time”.

Then things changed… I became a single mum and suddenly things weren’t so easy! Not only are funds not so readily available (don’t get me started on the extortionate nursery fee’s) but who do you now go on holiday with?

The Parents – Oh yes, we all probably thought we had said goodbye to holidays with our parents after our 16th Birthdays but hey, when you have kids, they are suddenly a very viable option. They are always so happy to have that quality time with their darling grandchildren. You actually get some time out and oh my, how you wear that halo, feeling that you’ve done a good deed!

The Best friend – This option is bitter sweet. You of course love to go away with your bestie, especially if they are single too but even if they are  not, they’re your bestie so why wouldn’t you love going away with them. But then the bitter is, you expect it to be like holidays gone by but alas you are not that same person now and have responsibilities and a little person in tow. Therefore this holiday takes on a whole different meaning. The big one here is also that you never feel like you can ask them to go away with you, for fear that they might feel obliged to, yet underneath thinking, why the hell would I opt to go away with someone with kids when I haven’t got any of my own. So, you just have to wait and hope that maybe they’ll ask……

The Friends with School Age Kids – These would make the perfect holiday choice, given their slightly older kids will also happily play with yours giving you some time out. But wait……oh yes, the school holiday rip off price hike takes place! No  matter how much you want to holiday with these guys, you seriously can’t justify either re-mortgaging your house to do it or living on the bread line for a few months when really there’s no need, or at least not for a few years!

Going solo – Oh, now there’s an option! Ok you still have to pay the price of two adults for a room (seriously they should do more about this!), no extra set of hands to assist with that time out. But…you can just up and do it when ever you fancy, funds permitting. Quite liberating, don’t you think?

So, this is where I am at…..

A couple of months ago, I just thought, god I need to get away, I need to feel a bit of winter sun on my skin. I wanted to feel that freedom I used to have to just say “hey lets go somewhere” and go with ease….so I went with the last option and thought let’s bite the bullet and go it alone. It was liberating to just start searching the internet for where I wanted to go and know I could just book a holiday without all of the organising and consulting of what suited everyone.

I have to say I am really excited about the Mum & Son holiday that lies ahead. I may have slightly rose tinted glasses on, there may be times that I wish there was someone else to take over the sandcastle building duties – especially when my son has the habit of always giving me the smallest spade while he just looks on with the big spade in his hand (smug). But hey, let’s see how it goes….

Have you done it? How did it go? Would you do it again? How tinted are my glasses?

I will be sure to blog about the experience but for now, sunshine here we come……..

Mum-Work-Repeat x


Cuddle Fairy
The Pramshed


Single Parent Pessimist

16 thoughts on “The single parent holiday conundrum

  1. Beta Mummy says:

    I’ve only been single since last October so this Easter is my first holiday with my two boys…I’m not brave enough to take them away on my own yet though so we’re just having a week in Devon, with my parents. Rock and roll! No doubt I will be sent nuts by the end of the week.
    Blog looks fab by the way 🙂

    • MumWorkRepeat says:

      October, that’s early days. It’s been 3 years for me, so plenty of time for me to pluck up the courage!
      I’ve had 2 holidays with my parents up until now. It generally works ok and some wine in the evening helps 🙂

  2. Becky, Cuddle Fairy says:

    There are pro’s & con’s to all of your options. It’s not easy but I have traveled with my 3 kids on my own to visit family or friends (my husband stayed home). So I just had the journey on my own then we were with people but we had our own hotel room etc. It’d be nice to have people there for part of the trip anyway but you could do it on your own too. It’s a tricky choice. I look forward to reading what you decide! Thanks so much for linking up with #bloggerclubuk x

    • MumWorkRepeat says:

      We opted for going solo, it was brilliant -

  3. MMT says:

    This post made me think of holidays my brother and I had abroad with my Dad, after my parents split. It must have been quite hard for him looking back.
    I think you will have a great time! can’t wait to hear all about it

    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

    • MumWorkRepeat says:

      I’ll link up my follow up post to how we got on next week. Had a great time and wouldn’t think twice about doing it again. P.s your Dad rocks for doing it!! X

  4. Ellamental Mama says:

    Good on you! I hope you have a fab time. I’m a single mum and I’ve travelled about with my son (solo) quite a bit. I’ve written some posts about it if you want to check them out on my blog. Travelling round S E Asia was the hardest. But I had a nice relaxed (yes I did just say relaxed) holiday with him once. I just stayed in the same place the whole week and he was still napping then so I just chilled and read my book because there was no other stuff to do like if I’d been at home. And we got to splash about and enjoy the sun 🙂 There are some single parent holidaying clubs… I went camping on one (wrote about it too) and that was fun because you can go alone but then you meet lots of other people in similar situations. Anyway, have fun! #coolmumclub

    • MumWorkRepeat says:

      Thanks so much for your comment, we go camping with friends, so will check your blog re the “single parent” camping, sounds good. We had a great time, will upload the post next week. Have a great weekend x

  5. Single Mum Speaks says:

    I’m off on hols with my mum again this year (did the same last year) but would also like to go away on my own with my son, as I was a keen solo traveller before I had him, so I am thinking along similar lines. I am a teacher, so it will definitely be school holidays for us. Let us know what you decide! #fortheloveofblog

    • MumWorkRepeat says:

      We did it and had a great time, would definitely recommend it. It’s on my blog if you want to read about it. It’s liberating to do! X

  6. One Messy Mama says:

    Well, I hope you have/had a wonderful time! Nothing beats having that sun-kissed feeling! However you do it, like you said, JUST DO IT! It’s liberating! #fortheloveofblog

  7. The Pramshed says:

    Well done you for making that decision, wherever you go I’m sure that you will have a brilliant time. There will be challenges, but there will be challenges if you went with other people too. I’m sure that the positives will outweigh the challenges, and you will enjoy some sunshine and new adventures with your son. I’m looking forward to hearing where you are going, and how it all went. Thanks so much for joining our party at #fortheloveofBLOG, we hope you come back next week. Claire x

  8. Claire says:

    I have had mixed experiences- i did a toddler weekend in butlins and came home early as it was far too hard on my own and seeing all the families didnt help!
    but then other things I have done have been great!


  9. Harriet Miller says:

    This is me down to a T. I too am a single mum that has been contemplating holiday logistics recently. I’m going on holiday next week with my son and my parents, for 2 weeks! Hopefully, we all survive and don’t kill each other but you’re right about getting a bit of a time out as they spend time with their Grandchildren. Another option you missed is other single parents. I have a weekend away later in the year with another single Mum I’m good friends with. I’ve convinced myself that next year I’m going to go abroad on something like a Mark Warner holiday where they have evening babysitting facilities, but that’s a long way off and things may have changed by then! Who knows!!

    • MumWorkRepeat says:

      I find wine helps when holidaying with your parents! I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Oh yes, the single parent holiday…haven’t done it yet but like you, we have a weekend planned towards the end of the year. Also one more, with siblings! I’ve just booked to go with my brother and my nephew, he recently separated from his wife. Hope you have a great holiday, let me know how you get on! x

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