Baby on board – or not?

Dear lady on the train,

As I sit here on this busy commuter train, I’m slightly ridden with guilt.

You see when you first got on and stood by me I thought you were pregnant, so I was ready to give up my seat. In that split second before I said something to you I then had that horrible feeling of maybe you’re not??

Now here is my dilemma. Do I offer my seat and if you are pregnant you will be so happy. I know this because I too commuted every day up until 2 weeks before my son was due. If you were like me you don’t want to feel like you’re something “special” or less able than anyone else, just because you’re growing a little person in your tummy. You may not want to display one of those Baby on Board badges to advertise to the world that you’ve had sex and are indeed pregnant! However on the other hand you might actually quite like the seat because at this time in the morning you can be feeling quite tired and hey, who doesn’t like a seat on that morning commute right?

Or not?

Or not?

But what if you’re not?

Then how would you feel starting your day with someone having asked you that question. I’d imagine not very nice as it obviously implies you have a rounded stomach and might be carrying a few extra pounds.

Ahhhh I really am sat here with guilt not knowing what to do for the best. So instead of saying something and risking offending you here I sit writing this into my phone. Is that shameful?

I’m going to eventually get around to putting this on my blog and I could be so ashamed if the consensus back is I should have said something. If that is the case then I’d like to say now, I’m so very very sorry

Mum-Work-Repeat X


I can guarantee I will face this again at some point in the not too distant future.

What would you do in this situation?

How would you feel, if post baby, someone offered their seat to you thinking you were still pregnant?

What if you’d had your children years before and still carry that tell tale sign of a little rounded tummy?

I’d be really interested to know what you would have done or occasions when you have maybe got it wrong.

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14 thoughts on “Baby on board – or not?

  1. laura dove says:

    I often worry about this, if somebody looks visibly pregnant do I assume that they are infact pregnant or say nothing for fear of offending them if they aren’t?! I often find myself testing the water first, usually people are very quick to offer up the news they are pregnant, especially by the time they are showing! #justanotherlinky

  2. Jaylan - Diapers at Dawn says:

    I offered my seat to a lady once on the tube, it was instinctive really, I looked up she looked pregnant and I immediately asked if she wanted a seat to which she declined. Then I got a good look at her and thought oops IS she pregnant or not, I think I was more embarrassed than she was to be honest! #justanotherlinky

  3. Sammie says:

    I used to properly stick out my tummy and huff a bit whilst rubbing it. ‘Subtle’ indicators that I would really like a seat. Ahem.

  4. Random Musings says:

    It’s such an awkward situation! Even if I was certain someone was pregnant I would still be worried that offering the seat would cause offence in case the woman in question somehow thought I was implying she is less able because she is pregnant. This is why I try to stay buried in my phone and not make eye contact when I’m on a train!
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

  5. My Petit Canard says:

    Ahhh this is such a tough one! As a heavily pregnant lady who sometimes wears her baby on board badge and sometimes doesnt (depending on what jacket I wear each day and if I remember to move it) but hates to ask people to give up their seats because I find it awkward and embarrasing even though I know thats silly, I really appreciate it when others take the lead and ask me. I am so grateful to those that do and kind of resent those that dont if I think they can see me, my badge and my very obvious 8 month bump. That said, I know that it should be a two way thing and shouldnt expect people to offer up their seat, but cant help sometimes feeling like they should if they can see me. Its a tougie! Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

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