Wicked Wednesdays #5

Wow, another week has gone by and time for another Wicked Wednesday. Where did last week go?

Funny how the week’s fly by but then sometimes the days drag on forever! Well, last Sunday was definitely one of those days. I think we both must have got out of the wrong side of the bed, I was on a short fuse, as was the little guy. He wasn’t being naughty but the slightest silly thing was really getting under my skin. Know that feeling? Maybe a tad hormonal?!

Anyway, as always when it get’s like this, I think, right, let’s get out of the house, so first thing we headed out to the Farmer’s Market, walked around there, chomped on a gorgeous Crepe. The little guy bumped into nearly all of his pre-school group – what a social butterfly! Then it was time for Little Rugby…ah a bit of timeout for mummy to sit on the sidelines, oh no, time to join in! Home to cook lunch and then that was it, I’d hit my wall. There was nothing that was going to get me through the afternoon other than to hit the caffeine.

Coffee cup in hand, I sat down and then let the carnage happen around me, barricaded with the toys but determined to just zone out and enjoy the moment, I just sat and watched more and more and more and more toys come out.

Ah whatever, I’ll deal with that later…………..ommmmmmmm


Mummy, its ok, you can tidy it all up afterwards!

Mummy, its ok, you can tidy it all up afterwards!


Thanks to brummy mummy of 2 for hosting this great linky.

Mum-Work-Repeat x


4 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesdays #5

  1. Merlinda Little ( @pixiedusk) says:

    Goodness this is my sight too! I would clean the house and it will stay that way until my son would arrive from school. Seconds later.. bam! And the best *sarcastic* part is I am also the one who will tidy it up! Pass the coffee please!


  2. brummymummyof2 says:

    Yep! Sometimes you just gotta let the madness go on all around you to survive! Thanks so much for making me smile and joining in with Wicked Wednesdays. Have a great bank holiday and see you next week! x

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