Wicked Wednesdays #7

I used to agree with the phrase “Silence is golden” before I had my son. Now silence only means one thing… trouble, as I quite recently found out!

I’d got my bestie over for the weekend and we had loads to catch up on because we haven’t seen each other for ages. We were trying to cram the last 3 months events into that rare moment when the little guy was playing happily. Ah damn, that moment soon passed, he decided I’d had enough attention and it was his turn. He wanted my friend to go upstairs and play with his toys . I kept telling him to come downstairs and we’d play there. Nope that wasn’t cutting it.

Anyway, after a few attempts all went quiet and I thought bless him, he’s decided to carry on playing regardless. *Mistake number 1!

Hmmm, wait, slight alarm bells, isn’t it a little bit too quiet? Nah I’m being paranoid “natter, natter” *Mistake number 2!

5 mins later – No, definitely too quiet, I’ll just go and check…

I walked into his room and there he stood, sun cream in hand. squirting it all over his bed!


As you can imagine mummy was not impressed! Then a slight haze in the room registered and I thought wait a minute, I turned left and saw this……









Looks like I’d caught him in phase two and phase one was actually putting it all over his floor and then covering it with talc! These pictures were taken after I’d removed all of the toys that were innocent bystanders  but also got a covering.

Yeah, mummy has now officially lost it and has turned into something more closely resembling the female incredible hulk! (I should point out that I certainly wasn’t looking anywhere near as hot as this version, as I stood raging  in my pj’s)



So my fellow Mum’s and Dad’s, take note….Silence is definitely not golden when you have children, it spells one thing only and that is DANGER!

What’s the worst thing your little ones have done while your back has been turned?

How did you react?

Would be great to hear from you.

Mum-Work-Repeat x



6 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesdays #7

  1. Not Just Phoebe says:

    This is so true, i also have a little curious one and Phoebe is always getting into mischief….She loves to get my books, water bottles, standing on the table or most recently is trying to get herself into her craft cupboard,which is high up…so has learnt to get a chair and then climb, luckily she is still too short but give it another month and even those ones will need locks…more prison isms #Wickedwednesday

  2. Mummy here and there says:

    My son’s together a sa team but a candle in the microwave and melted it. Spilt all the hot chocolate and spices. Worst still it stank for days after. Hubby and I laugh now about months after X #wickedWednesdays

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